Message from the Director (Academic)

Innovation and knowledge-seeking have always been the motivation of forward-thinking individuals and corporations. It is in the same spirit that Ed-vancement Asia seeks to propel your aspirations and a sense of purpose through a growing series of self-empowerment, skills-development, knowledge-driven courses.  The push for digitization and digital transformation has created much anxiety for individuals and corporations. The future of a connected, Internet-based, global economy is approaching.  The technology is ready, but our mindset has yet to adapt to this new reality. Ed-vancement can be the catalyst that helps you bridge this digital mindset divide.

Ed-vancement Asia, with our team of experienced industry practitioners, will help you overcome this uncertainty and get you prepared for digital transformation.  We will empower individuals to learn, network, work on projects relevant to their work scope and create better versions of themselves.  We believe in the practicality of skills that can be directly applied once the completion of training.  We also believe in creating “circles of help” where networks create better synergy for individuals as well as corporations.  The ability to leverage skills, experience and “paying it forward” is what Ed-vancement Asia, as a company, seeks to drive as an active message towards a progressive and innovative mindset.

In every course or module that we develop and run; we seek to develop practical skills as well as to infuse those knowledge-building skills with the principles of EIP:

  • Empathy (E)
  • Innovation (I)
  • Purpose (P)

We believe these key human elements will create better value for you as individuals and the corporation as a whole.  This situation will come to reality when the world has rapidly digitized.  The ability to innovate and empathize will eliminate the feeling of transaction-based business practices and give an added sense of purpose for all.  You will be able to create a positive value for your customers through a deeper appreciation of the customer’s journey and pain points while sharing the joys and discovery of achieving harmony with your personal and corporate goals. We envision this positive future for the digital economy.

I hope that our purpose of creating a better version of you through education, network building and the principles of EIP will create more opportunities for your organization and yourself.

Alex Hong
Ed-vancement Asia Private Limited