Board of Directors

Our team is your team. If your mission is to be better, innovative and smarter, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create both focused corporate and individual strategies that align with your business together and your personal goals.

Get to know the Ed-vancement Asia’s Directors below.

Alex Hong

Alex Hong has been involved in the development and management of tertiary-level courses for more than 15 years.  He lectured in various institutions such as Republic Polytechnic, University of Southern Queensland (Merlior Business School) and Stirling University (Singapore Institute of Management).  In the World’s first online MBA school, Universitas 21 Global, he served as a Project Consultant.  Additionally, he was involved in the working committee for PolyMall, Singapore’s first joint-Polytechnic E-learning system that was launched in 2015.

Alex has significant experience in curriculum development, programme creation/management, as well as business development.  His experience has led him to create and helm many innovative programmes with the Singapore Management University, such as the Graduate Certificate in Communication Management, Graduate Certificate in Applied Innovation, Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Executive Certificate in Leading Tourism Transformation (with STB).  Additionally, he founded several skill-upgrading programmes for PMETs in Singapore and the region.

As an advocate for lifelong learning, he believes in the transformative abilities of education to positively change attitudes toward innovation and community improvement.  He understands that empathy, communication and purpose will be the fundamental drivers of progress, even in an increasingly digitized economy. Alex envisions a new paradigm of innovation and development as being the new norm for Asia when these “human skills” are infused along with technical skills.

Alex is a trained economist with a Master of Social Science (Applied Economics) from the National University of Singapore.  Nonetheless, he continuously engages in personal skills advancement to curate better programmes for his customers.  Alex’s current research and academic interest is in neuroeconomics.  He is a keen marathoner and has been involved in local and overseas marathons as part of his leisure activities for the past 18 years.

Ruth Chiang

Ruth Chiang is an accredited administrator of personality inventories like MBTI, DISC, MAPP, Proscan, Strong’s Interest, CareerLeader, Career Mastery as well as Career Coaching.  She is also a trained life and executive coach and has served as a council member of the South East Community Development Council for 15 years.

Before joining Singapore Management University, Ruth worked at People’s Association, served with 4 Chief Executive Officers and 3 Deputy Chairmen (including the former Deputy Prime Minister, Wong Kan Seng) and several Members of Parliament.  She was in charge of personnel and finance, internal audit, CDC Planning and Development and OBS corporate relations and administration.

Some of her achievements included the takeover and rebuilding of Outward Bound School (OBS) from the Ministry of Defence, the organization of the 1st women’s conference on 12 March 2000 that had more than 1,000 participants and the 1st CDC Seminar on 19 March 2000 launched by then Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong.  Additionally, Ruth was a member of the Millennium Swing Organizing Committee that had about 500,000 people celebrating the dawn of the 21st Century at Orchard Road.

Ruth Chiang holds a Master’s Degree in Communications Management from the University of South Australia, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Economics from Singapore University.

David Ngoh

David Ngoh is the Chief Executive Officer of RMA Group, a multi-disciplinary business process outsourced (BPO) service provider.  David was previously the Director of Operations and Corporate Business Development for LGMEI Asia, the Asian subsidiary of Lockwood Greene Engineers Inc., which is the oldest engineering firm from the USA.  He had also worked with Bovis Lend Lease and Sembcorp Industries.

As a trained civil and structural engineer, David started his entrepreneurial journey in 2001 with a focus on engineering and construction projects.  He acquired RMA Consultants, an employment agency in 2003 and expanded its service offerings to include manpower outsourcing and human resource administration.  Further expansion into Information Technology and Data Management resulted in the formation of RMA Group.  The expansion led to an increase of annual turnover from S$300k in 2003 to more than S$45million in 2014, with a corresponding tenfold increase in staff strengths.

RMA Group executes business processes on behalf of Clients in the areas of general and human resource administration, document management and data extraction, information technology and call services, contingent manpower support and engineering and construction project management services.